We have wonderful memories of our August wedding and we have you to thank for making the day come together so beautifully.  You were so calm & helpful throughout the planning process...we really couldn't have done it without you.  The Club is always beautiful but on our wedding day it looked absolutely magical.  It was truly a day that we will remember and treasure forever.  -Sarah and Mark
The setting is so beautiful and everything came off so well!  Several people have called to tell me how much fun the wedding was - exactly what Sarah and Mark wanted!!   - Anna Rees
We LOVED our wedding.  We are still floating from the whole experience. The space was sparkling and beautiful: the food was great; and some of my food snob friends had SECONDS of the cake.  You are amazing at what you do. - Martina & Tanya
Your spectacular decor, the music, the food and champagne, added to the celebration!  Everything was sparkling!  - Bev 

I can't remember ever having a more wonderful time! From the valet parking to the final hugs, I was one big smile. We danced until the band stopped!  I'm still smiling - so thanks Barbara - for making all of our dreams come true.  - Ann
Thank you so much for the use of your beautiful building for the memorial.  It was the perfect space, and your kindness saved me days of perplexity.  That night it was so filled with love, as well as other things, I'm sure it glowed so you could pick it out from outer space.  I know there are special blessings on the Club and on you, from her spirit and from mine.  From my heart, I thank you.  - Jean
Thank you for such a lovely romantic evening! You made us feel "at home".  Everyone, and everything, associated with the evening was perfect - your vision made our dreams come true!  
- John and Ann
The Club has become more to me than "that great renovated new space in Montclair" which I saw when I first walked in the door.  Deepest in my heart are the memories of Mark and Diane's wedding and what a perfect day and evening it was.  Your touches, professional expertise, and all the "extras" have moved me so much that it feels like being wrapped in a blanket of love.  These memories will be with me and my family our entire worldly lives and beyond.  Thanks for making it real and charting the course.   
- Janet
What a magical supportive gathering hall you've manifested...Bravo!   - Robin
Thanks to you and all your staff for helping to make our wedding so incredible.  The place was beautiful and it was all so easy for all of our friends to enjoy a wonderful day.  We had an unbelieveable evening and are so happy we were at your Club.  Many many thanks,   - Liz and Don
I can't tell you how happy I was with Mary's ordination party.  And grateful to you for your efforts.  I saw how much you worked at the party and how you were a part of things, helping to make things go smoothly.  You gave us a beautiful gift- Sonia
The space was perfect for our wedding - charming, comfortable and warm.  Many guests commented on how special the place was. Thank you also for all your guidance before the wedding. We will certainly recommend the Montclair Club to our friends and family. 
Thanks again, Jo and Matt

Photo by Rachel Balunsat
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